To state a few benefits, it’s all about easing up the dental procedures.

This relatively new treatment type has gained popularity in different parts of the world and has improved the process multifold.

Let’s know how beneficial it is:

  • In contrast with traditional medicine modalities such as antibiotics and disinfectants, ozone therapy is quite economical.
  • The ozone therapy has been more beneficial than present conventional therapeutic modalities that follow a minimally invasive and conservative application to dental treatment.
  • The exposition of molecular mechanisms of ozone further benefits practical function in dentistry. Treating patients with ozone therapy lessens the treatment time with an immense deal of variation and it eradicates the bacterial count more specifically.
  • The treatment is painless and increases the patients’ tolerability and fulfillment with minimal adverse effects.

In Holistic Dentistry, Ozone is one of the most versatile therapies used and is gaining a lot of popularity due to the amazing benefits and NO SIDE EFFECTS, whatsoever.

  •  It is used to disinfect everything in a more natural way (without destroying the microbiome)
  •  Ozone is antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antiparasitic and it doesn’t harm human cells, what a wonder this is.
  •  Ozone is a ‘mild stressor’ which activates your body to produce precious antioxidants.

It is  use after every extraction to disinfect.

~ Also, use after removal of root canal tooth.

~ Ozonated water as mouth rinse/wash before surgery, oral hygiene, periodontal treatment (needs to be prepared fresh daily) basically with every surgery to disinfect cavities.

With numerous benefits and minimal or no risks, Ozone therapy is the way, and we believe in it.