“I just hate going to the dentist.” “Visiting doctors is so stressful, I can’t do it” Patients often

There are a lot of things that trigger anxiety in people. Dental anxiety is as real as it gets! People
deliberately avoid going to the dentist, skip their appointments and feed their fear and anxiety.

Try these ways:
1. Talk to your dental professional. Let them know your concerns and be mindful of what is
going to happen to be aware of all the steps.
2. Bringing headphones helps in cancelling out any noises from the dental procedures that
cause anxiety or stress.
3. Mention what triggers your dental anxiety to your dental professional at the beginning so that
they can help you manage and calm your nerves, without hassles in the process.
4. Book appointments on days where you are least busy so you don’t add to the stress of
visiting the dentist or dental hygienist.
5. Practice meditation and breathing exercises. Mediation helps in regaining focus and
connecting with yourself. Once you feel in control, nothing will scare you.

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