Grand Opening!

Open Early. Open Late. Open 8-6 on Saturday.

Grand Opening!

Open Early. Open Late. Open 8-6 on Saturday.

$500 OFF Invisalign treatment/ FREE Zoom Whitening

WITH New patient exam, x-rays, and cleaning. Offer is valid in absence of gum disease. . Call for details. Both offers cannot be combined.

$59 Exam, X-Rays & Cleaning

(Regular price $280)

Offer valid in absence of gum disease. Patients with insurance receive insurance plan pricing. Call for details. 

FREE Implant Consultation

Includes detailed exam and consultation for treatment. Patients with insurance receive insurance plan pricing. Call for details. Expires 1/31/19

Ask about our All-on-4 Implants

Dentist in Bolingbrook, IL

Our dentist in Bolingbrook and the entire team is available to serve adults and children of all ages. We’re equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that eliminates much of the anxiety and discomfort that was once associated with the dental chair. We invest in specialized equipment and advanced education because we want to see your smiling face more often.

At Raina Dental Care, treatment extends beyond basic care of the teeth and gums and is directly tied to overall health and wellness, and we strive to promote exceptional health for the whole body. Our hygienists and dentists in Bolingbrook work hard to educate each patient on lifestyle choices that can improve their overall health and well being. This includes preventative treatments that support a lifetime of beautiful smiles.

The Holistic Dentistry Approach

We’re also available to remove mercury fillings, reducing the impact of heavy metal contamination that is linked to autoimmune disorders and a variety of other health conditions. If you want to know how your overall health is impacted by the current condition of your gums and teeth, schedule an exam with our dentist in Bolingbrook for personalized attention.



The Right Care for Every Patient

At our dentist in Bolingbrook, the mission is to provide in-depth information that helps each patient select the best treatments for their unique needs. We believe in customized treatment plans tailored to individual goals, and our staff members are always willing to answer questions about preventative care and options for smile transformations.

Our process includes an empathetic evaluation of each patient’s outlook. We take the time to explain your current oral health, and we look forward to helping you improve your smile with the least invasive treatments possible. Excellent care is all about preventing problems so that fewer interventions are needed.



Advanced Technology to Minimize Pain, Discomfort, Anxiety

Raina Dental Care now utilizes the Single Tooth Anesthesia System, which is also known as the STA or simply “the wand.” It effectively numbs individual teeth without anxiety-inducing needles. This system allows children to receive treatment with limited fear, and it reduces anxiety and pain for patients of all ages. If you suffer from dental phobia, contact us for modern solutions that can alleviate the stress. Quality care starts with routine dental cleanings, and we want to help you protect your teeth and gums from disease.  


Compassionate Dental Care at Your Convenience

We speed up the process of treatments by processing all procedures in the office. This allows us to act quickly whether you need dentures, crowns, bridges or fillings. Our staff and dentist in Bolingbrook can often accommodate same-day service for many treatments, allowing you to maximize your time when problems are found during your routine exam or cleaning.

You never know when an emergency is going to strike, so we welcome walk-ins. We provide immediate treatment for oral traumas. While eliminating pain and discomfort is our priority, we also work hard to save your teeth and prevent overall health problems.


Become a Raina Dental Care Member

If you don’t have insurance, consider joining our annual membership program. You’ll enjoy free cleanings while receiving special discounts designed to make excellent dental care affordable for individuals, couples and families of all sizes. This program is just one reason that Raina Dental Care is considered a leading dentist in Bolingbrook.