With the advancements in technology and science, medicine and medical practices have also evolved. Where earlier the purpose was to feel better instantly excusing the side effects of the medications, now is the era of extensive research done before taking any medicine, whatsoever. New, innovative, and safer measures are coming into the picture which shows better results with no side effects in the patients.

Raina Dental Care is proud to offer Ozone Therapy or Ozonotherapy which a non-invasive treatment bound to bringing wellness and healing of the entire body along with benefits of improved dental health.

Lately, this therapy is gaining popularity in Europe, South America, and several other countries due to its atraumatic, painless, non-invasive nature, and a relative absence of discomfort and side effects. This increases the patient’s acceptability and compliance, thus making it an ideal treatment choice, especially for pediatric patients.

To state a few, the following are the benefits of Ozone therapy:

Ozone in many forms is a very powerful tool to stop caries. Even extremely deep lesions can quite predictably be arrested using ozone therapy. It kills all the bad bacteria, fungi, viruses, and protozoans while removing their breakdown products as well as other necrotic debris.

  • The pain and disfigurement caused due to herpetic infections can be eased with Ozone therapy. Ozone is well suited to break down the management of Viral and fungal lesions.
  • Ozone therapy has a vast range of applications in oral surgery; be it a simple extraction procedure or a severe jaw infection or complicated oral procedures. Ozone enhances wound healing, improves several properties of erythrocytes, and facilitates oxygen release in the tissues.
  • Ozone application has been found to effectively reduce the sensitivity of not only exposed enamel and dentin of the teeth but also in cases of root sensitivity. Ozone initiates the removal of the smear layer, opens the dentinal tubules, and widens them.

As one can make out from the above few pointers,Ozone therapy has a wide range of applications in almost every field of dentistry. Its unique properties include immunostimulantanalgesic, anti-hypnotic, detoxicating, antimicrobial, bioenergetic, and biosynthetic actions.

Try it for yourself. You’ll know. So, let’s get you started?