The anxiety-inducing procedure used by the dentists can make the patients apprehensive and anxious. While for the patients who are dental-phobic it is nothing less than a nightmare to visit their dentist.

We at Raina Dental Care hear you and we care for you.

Henceforth we use the Single Tooth Anaesthesia System popularly known as the STA or simply “The Wand” and rightly so since it works wonders like a magic wand for our patients.

The Single Tooth Anaesthesia system has proved helpful in numbing the immediately affected area of pain and discomfort, rather than the entire area around the damaged tooth or gums with intimidating large syringes. The most rewarding feature about the system is that it delivers a computer-controlled discharge of anaesthesia rather than a manual injection sting causing anxiety.

While working on your teeth, the dentist can control the amount of the medication and provide you the seamless and pain-free experience possible. The wand is designed to discharge the medicine at precisely the exact rate for the tissue density area, offering the patients the immediate pain relief they need at the moment. Most patients report that the injections using “the wand” are painless.


One of the best things about the STA system is that it allows the dentist to medicate the damaged tooth or teeth instead of the entire part of the mouth. Hence, it allows the patient to go about their day as they please without any hassle and pain. The localized numbness caused by the medication is relatively easy to combat than a widespread numbing effect in the mouth.


At Raina Dental Care, we are dedicated to our patients to curate the best and most suitable experience possible.