‘Eating the Rainbow’ is usually told for the younger ones, but we believe everyone must follow.

All the food items contain their makeup of micronutrients. Some contain proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and other necessary components.

The colour of the plant-based food represents what phytonutrients are in it. Deep, vibrant fruits and veggies get their colour from antioxidants, and they support overall health.

Purple and Blue fruits are rich in antioxidants called resveratrol and anthocyanins. These nutrients help in fighting cancer and have anti-aging qualifies. These nutrients also make your brain sharp!

What to eat?

🟣Red Cabbage

🔵 Purple Cauliflower

🟣 Blackberries

🔵 Blueberries

🟣 Eggplant

🔵 Grapes

🟣 Prunes and Plumps

Green fruits and veggies contain Vitamin K1, isothiocyanates, folate, and sulforaphane. Green food supports mental health, immune function, cardiovascular health, strong bones, healthy pregnancy, and overall health.

What to eat?

🟢 Kale

🟢 Spinach

🟢 Avocado

🟢 Asparagus

🟢 Green bell peppers

🟢 Zucchini

🟢Limes and so many more

Yellow food frequently contains lutein and zeaxanthin, which is good for the skin, eyes, brain, and heart. Orange food often has these nutrients, while they also have beta-carotene that is necessary for good vision. Some also contain nutrients that are powerful disease-fighting antioxidants.

What to eat?

🟠 Turmeric

🟡 Oranges

🟠 Mangoes

🟡 Sweet potato

🟠 Yellow bell peppers

🟡 Golden apples

🟠 Pineapple

🟡 Bananas

Red fruits and vegetables have antioxidants which anthocyanins and lycopene. These protect your heart and brain, improve your immune system, and may also reduce your risk of cancer.

What to eat?


🔴Red Bell Pepper



🔴 Tomatoes

🔴 Pomegranate

🔴 Raspberry

🔴 strawberry

It is well-said that your health begins in your mouth.

The key factors responsible for a healthy and balanced oral microbiome are efficient plaque control, a healthy diet, and effective oral Health care techniques.