Do stress and anxiety affect dental health?

Scarcely anyone can deny that mental health is associated with physical health. According to many research studies in America, anxiety and stress have been linked with dental problems. Deakin University has reported that 62% people with dental problems have been shown to have depression and anxiety.

Battling with anxiety and stress has caused great risks of destroying the oral health by smoking, alcohol consumption, and poor quality diet. Moreover, lack of motivation progresses the dental problems to advanced levels.

According to the World Health Organization, dental problems make you reluctant to socially represent yourself, embarrassed, and feel negative.

Can spirituality improve dental health?

Spirituality has been called “the famous vaccine against the virus of unhappiness.” Spirituality makes us believe that our mental health is as important as the physical health. For dental health, spiritual healing helps us:

  • By supporting us unconditionally (we are worthy of love regardless of any health issues).
  • By helping us gain mental clarity so that we can reduce the stress levels so that we can feel more centered.

Spirituality motivates us to become a better and positive person with a purposeful life. We happen to choose more positive lifestyles for us because a healthy lifestyle greatly influences our dental health.

Dental health gives rise to stress and anxiety that make us indulge in unhealthy activities. Spirituality strengthens our soul, making us feel more connected and positive. 

Meditation for Dental Anxiety:

While visiting your dentist, your anxiety levels increase. But anxiety is of no help to you at the time of your appointment. We spend much of our time on repetitive thoughts that bring negativity in us.

Meditation can help you reduce your stress levels before your appointment with the dentist. By activating the parasympathetic nervous system, meditation greatly helps to focus and relax your mind.

Try these meditation techniques in the waiting list to combat the anxiety:

  • Focus your mind and body on one object, such as on the chair or wall.
  • Pay attention to your breath and focus on each inhale and exhale.
  • Words can do wonders! Chant a mantra, probably a phrase of words, to keep you relaxed and motivated.

Concluding Thoughts

When we take care of our health from a holistic perspective, we become less prone to developing diseases. To treat the dental problems, holistic dentistry or biological dentistry has become the first and foremost holistic treatment.

So an ideal healing is to focus on all parts and factors of your health, rather than paying attention to one, while completely ignoring the other ones.  It is perfectly put into words by Pluto “The part can never be well unless the whole is well.”